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Taking Guard

Lesson 1 • 13 min

How does a batter take guard? What are the things to keep in mind? Sachin shares his views on the same in this session.


Lesson 2 • 09 min

Find out the key elements you need to know while effectively using the lakshman rekha of every batter - the crease.


Lesson 3 • 14 min

Sachin talks about the important elements to keep in mind for having a good stance.


Lesson 4 • 15 min

How should a batter hold the bat? What’s the ideal grip? Sachin gives his tips in this session.

Prodding + Backlift + Downswing

Lesson 5 • 13 min

Sachin shares his insights to understand prodding and have an easy backlift and downswing.

Wrist and Armwork

Lesson 6 • 15 min

In this session, Sachin talks about the delicate aspect of batting – the wrist work and also the use of arms.

Body balance + Side-on

Lesson 7 • 17 min

Cricket is considered to be a side-on game. Staying side-on and also body balance are important aspects of batting. Sachin talks about the importance of these in this session.

Picking line and length + Footwork

Lesson 8 • 17 min

Picking line and length of a delivery is key for any batter to be able to move in the right direction by using his feet. Sachin shares how a batter can do that, in this session.

Reading different deliveries - Part 1 (Fast)

Lesson 9 • 29 min

Inswing, outswing, off cutter, leg cutter etc. — every delivery has a different grip and release. What is that grip? How should a batter notice the release? Sachin shares his thoughts in this session.

Reading different deliveries - Part 2 (Spin)

Lesson 10 • 17 min

Leg spin, off spin, doosra, flipper etc. - how do you spot them? Sachin talks about it in this session.

Frontfoot defense

Lesson 11 • 13 min

How do you play the front foot defense correctly? What are the things you need to keep in mind? Sachin explains in this session.

Backfoot defense

Lesson 12 • 09 min

Sachin takes you through the key aspects to remember when it comes to getting the back foot defense right.

Frontfoot drives

Lesson 13 • 12 min

Front foot drives look stylish, but how do you execute them? What are the steps a batter follows? Sachin explains it in this session.

Backfoot drives

Lesson 14 • 09 min

How does a batter rock on the backfoot to play drives? What are the steps the batter executes? Sachin shares his insights and tips in this session.

Playing drives to spin & swing

Lesson 15 • 20 min

How do you play and execute your shots against any kind of delivery – spin or swing? Sachin explains in this session.


Lesson 16 • 20 min

A wristy flick will get everyone to applaud, but how does a batter get it right? Sachin takes us through the key steps in this session.


Lesson 17 • 18 min

A glance is a delicate shot which requires precision. How does a batter get it right? Sachin shares his insights in this session.

Square cut and Late cut

Lesson 18 • 19 min

What are the series of steps a batter follows to execute a good square cut and late cut? Sachin explains in this session.


Lesson 19 • 22 min

A sweep is an attacking shot. How does a batter execute it? Sachin shares his knowledge in this session.

Pull and Hook

Lesson 20 • 19 min

Ever wondered how batters hit those huge sixes and boundaries by hooking or pulling the ball? Sachin shares his experience in this session.

Stepping out

Lesson 21 • 20 min

Stepping out to hit the ball is a risky move but an exciting one too. How do batters do it well? Sachin talks about the art of stepping out in this session.

T20 & Basics

Lesson 22 • 21 min

How can understanding the basics of batting help in playing some of the T20 shots? Sachin talks about that in this session.

Lofted shots

Lesson 23 • 19 min

Which batter doesn’t like hitting those huge sixes. But how do you do that? Sachin takes us through it in this session.

Leaving the ball and avoiding the bouncer

Lesson 24 • 9 min

Leaving the ball is as important as playing shots, mainly in the longer format. How do you do that? Also, how do you avoid a bouncer? Sachin shares his knowledge in this session.

Running between the wickets

Lesson 25 • 16 min

Is taking a run all about running faster or is there more to it? How does the striker and non-striker co-ordinate? How do they turn singles into twos and twos into threes? Sachin shares his knowledge in this session.

Basics & Technique

Lesson 26 • 7 min

Sachin talks about the importance of basics and its connection with technique in this session.

Right age to start + Body language + Fitness

Lesson 27 • 17 min

What is the right age to start playing competitive cricket? How important is your body language? How do you remain fit? Sachin talks us through these key questions in this session.


Lesson 28 • 16 min

In the very first session, Sachin spoke about choosing the right bat. Now he talks about the other equipment - gloves, helmet, pads etc. How do you take care of them? Sachin answers these questions in this session.

Net Practice

Lesson 29 • 8 min

The nets are the right place to try out everything you want and to hone your batting skills. So how do you go about it? Sachin shares his own experience in this session.


Lesson 30 • 22 min

Drills help you improve your batting skills. What are those drills and how do you practise them? Sachin explains in this session.

Playing Matches

Lesson 31 • 5 min

Playing matches is most important because that is where all your skills - scoring runs, adapting to various situations, playing as per the team’s plan etc. are tested. Sachin talks about the importance of playing matches in this last session.

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